Amplifying the randomness of weak sources correlated with devices

TytułAmplifying the randomness of weak sources correlated with devices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2017
AutorzyWojewódka-Ściążko H, Brandão FGSL, Grudka A, Horodecki K, Horodecki M, Horodecki P, Pawłowski M, Ramanathan R, Stankiewicz M
JournalIEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Start Page7592 - 7611
Date Published11/2017
Słowa kluczowecorrelation, informatics, Protocols, quantum computing, quantum mechanics

The problem of device-independent randomness amplification against no-signaling adversaries has so far been studied under the assumption that the weak source of randomness is uncorrelated with the (quantum) devices used in the amplification procedure. In this paper, we relax this assumption, and reconsider the original protocol of Colbeck and Renner using a Santha-Vazirani (SV) source. To do so, we introduce an SV-like condition for devices, namely that any string of SV source bits remains weakly random conditioned upon any other bit string from the same SV source and the outputs obtained when this further string is input into the devices. Assuming this condition, we show that a quantum device using a singlet state to violate the chained Bell inequalities leads to full randomness in the asymptotic scenario of a large number of settings, for a restricted set of SV sources (with 0 ≤ ε ≤ 0.0144). We also study a device-independent protocol that allows for correlations between the sequence of boxes used in the protocol and the SV source bits used to choose the particular box from whose output the randomness is obtained. Assuming the SV-like condition for devices, we show that the honest parties can achieve amplification of the weak source, for the parameter range 0 ≤ ε ≤ 0.0132, against a class of attacks given as a mixture of product box sequences, made of extremal no-signaling boxes, with additional symmetry conditions. Composable security proof against this class of attacks is provided.


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