On Analyzing Symmetry of Objects Using Elastic Deformations

TytułOn Analyzing Symmetry of Objects Using Elastic Deformations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Rok publikacji2008
AutorzySrivastava A., Daoudi M., Luchowski L, Samir C.
Date Published6
AbstractWe introduce a framework for analyzing symmetry of 2D and 3D objects using elastic deformations of their boundaries. The basic idea is to define spaces of elastic shapes and to compute shortest (geodesic) paths between the objects and their reflections using a Riemannian structure. Elastic matching, based on optimal (nonlinear) re-parameterizations of curves, provides a better registration of points across shapes, as compared to the previously-used linear registrations. A crucial step of orientation alignment, akin to finding planes of symmetry, is performed as a search for shortest geodesic paths. This framework is fully automatic and provides: a measure of asymmetry, the nearest symmetric shape, the optimal deformation to make an object symmetric, and the plane of symmetry for a given object.

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