A dataset for evaluating blood detection in hyperspectral images

TytułA dataset for evaluating blood detection in hyperspectral images
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2021
AutorzyRomaszewski M, Głomb P, Sochan A, Cholewa M
JournalForensic Science International
Słowa kluczoweblood detection, Hyperspectral imaging, Matched Filter, Target detection

The sensitivity of imaging spectroscopy to haemoglobin derivatives makes it a promising tool for detecting blood. However, due to complexity and high dimensionality of hyperspectral images, the development of hyperspectral blood detection algorithms is challenging. To facilitate their development, we present a new hyperspectral blood detection dataset. This dataset, published under an open access license, consists of multiple detection scenarios with varying levels of complexity. It allows to test the performance of Machine Learning methods in relation to different acquisition environments, types of background, age of blood and presence of other blood-like substances. We have explored the dataset with blood detection experiments, for which we have used a hyperspectral target detection algorithm based on the well-known Matched Filter detector. Our results and their discussion highlight the challenges of blood detection in hyperspectral data and form a reference for further works.


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