A Dataset for Evaluating Blood Detection in Hyperspectral Images [Data set]

TytułA Dataset for Evaluating Blood Detection in Hyperspectral Images [Data set]
Publication TypeDataset
Rok publikacji2020
AutorzyRomaszewski M, Głomb P, Sochan A, Cholewa M
Słowa kluczoweblood detection, HSI

The sensitivity of hyperspectral imaging (imaging spectroscopy) to haemoglobin derivatives makes it a promising tool for detection and classification of blood. However, due to complexity and high dimensionality of hyperspectral images, the development of hyperspectral blood detection algorithms is challenging. To facilitate their development, we present a new hyperspectral blood detection dataset. This dataset consists of 14 hyperspectral images (ENVI format) of a mock-up scene containing blood and visually similar substances (e.g. artificial blood or tomato concentrate). Images were taken over a period of three weeks and differ in terms of background composition and lighting intensity. To facilitate the use of data, the dataset includes an annotation of classes: pixels where blood and similar substances are visible have been marked by the authors. The main intention behind the dataset is to serve as testing data for Machine Learning methods for hyperspectral target detection and classification.


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