Detection, control and mitigation system for secure vehicular communication

TytułDetection, control and mitigation system for secure vehicular communication
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2021
AutorzyHidalgo C, Vaca M, Nowak M, Frölich P, Reed M, Al-Naday M, Mpatziakas A, Protogerou A, Drosou A, Tzovaras D
JournalVehicular Communications
Słowa kluczoweC-ITS, Fleet management, Secure communications, SerIoT system, Smart intersection

The increase in the safety and privacy of automated vehicle drivers against hazardous cyber-attacks will lead to a considerable reduction in the number of global deaths and injuries. In this sense, the European Commission has focused attention on the security of communications in high-risk systems when receiving a cyber-attack such as automated vehicles. The project SerIoT comes up as an possible solution, providing a useful open and reference framework for real-time monitoring of the traffic exchanged through heterogeneous IoT platforms. This system is capable of recognize suspicious patterns, evaluate them and finally take mitigate actions. The paper presents a use case of the SerIoT project related to rerouting tests in vehicular communication. The goal is to ensure secure and reliable communication among Connected Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) components (vehicles, infrastructures, etc) using the SerIoT's system capabilities to detect and mitigate possible network attacks. Therefore, fleet management and smart intersection scenarios were chosen, where vehicles equipped with On Board Units (OBU) interact with each other and Road Side Units (RSU) to accomplish an optimal flow of traffic. These equipments use the SerIoT systems to deal with cyber-attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS). Tests have been validated in different scenarios under threats situations. It shows the great performance of the SerIoT system taking the corresponding actions to ensure a continuous and safety traffic flow.


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