KONFIDO: An OpenNCP-Based Secure eHealth Data Exchange System

TytułKONFIDO: An OpenNCP-Based Secure eHealth Data Exchange System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Rok publikacji2018
AutorzyStaffa M, Coppolino L, Sgaglione L, Gelenbe E, Komnios I, Grivas E, Stan O, Castaldo L
Conference Name1st International Symposia on Computer and Information Sciences, ISCIS 2018
Date Published07/2018
Conference LocationLondon, United Kingdom
ISBN Number978-3-319-95189-8

Allowing cross-border health-care data exchange by establishing a uniform QoS level of health-care systems across European states, represents one of the current main goals of the European Commission. For this purpose epSOS project was funded with the objective to overcome interoperability issues in patients health information exchange among European healthcare systems. A main achievement of the project was the OpenNCP platform. Settled over the results of the epSOS project, KONFIDO aims at increasing trust and security of eHealth data exchange by adopting a holistic approach, as well as at increasing awareness of security issues among the healthcare community. In this light, the paper describes the KONFIDO project’s approach and discusses its design and its representation as a system of interacting agents. It finally discusses the deployment of the provided platform


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