Quantum control with spectral constraints

TytułQuantum control with spectral constraints
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2014
AutorzyPawela Ł, Puchała Z
JournalQuantum Information Processing.

Various constraints concerning control fields can be imposed in the realistic implementations of quantum control systems. One of the most important is the restriction on the frequency spectrum of acceptable control parameters. It is important to consider the limitations of experimental equipment when trying to find appropriate control parameters. Therefore, in this paper we present a general method of obtaining a piecewise-constant controls, which are robust with respect to spectral constraints. We consider here a Heisenberg spin chain, however the method can be applied to a system with more general interactions. To model experimental restrictions we apply an ideal low-pass filter to numerically obtained control pulses. The usage of the proposed method has negligible impact on the control quality as opposed to the standard approach, which does not take into account spectral limitations.


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