Statistical analysis of geoinformation data for increasing railway safety

TytułStatistical analysis of geoinformation data for increasing railway safety
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacjiSubmitted
AutorzyGawlak K, Konieczny J, Domino K, Miszczak J
JournalArXiV preprint
Date Published06/2024
Słowa kluczowebayesian analysis, geographic data analysis, mass transport safety, wide life ecology

The impact of rail transport on the environment is one of the crucial factors for the sustainable development of this form of mass transport. We present a data-driven analysis of wild animal railway accidents in the region of southern Poland, a step to create the train driver warning system. We built our method by harnessing the Bayesian approach to the statistical analysis of information about the geolocation of the accidents. The implementation of the proposed a model does not require advanced knowledge of data mining and can be applied even in less developed railway systems with small IT support. Furthermore, we have discovered unusual patterns of accidents while considering the number of trains and their speed and time at particular geographical location of the railway network. We test the developed approach using data from southern Poland, compromising wildlife habitats and one of the most urbanised regions in Central Europe.


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