Unmanned Electrical Vehicles and Autonomous system Simulation

TytułUnmanned Electrical Vehicles and Autonomous system Simulation
Publication TypeBook
Rok publikacji2021
AutorzySell R, Kalm T, Malayjerdi M, Sell I, Nikitenko A, Ziravedska A, Berkolds K, Vitols K, Czekalski P, Tokarz K, Antemijczuk O, Suila GKuaban
PublisherRTU Press
ISBN Number978-9934-22-668-7

This book and its offshoots were prepared to provide a comprehensive introduc-
tion into the domain of the autonomous system. The primary target audience is
vocational schools and higher educational institutions running study programmes
or modules on autonomy and autonomous systems. This book is also designated for
teachers and educators willing to extend their knowledge and prepare a course on
autonomous systems’ technologies (full or partial).
The authors assume that persons using the content do possess some general under-
standing of IT technologies, including concepts of computing and computers, pro-
gramming and software systems, and being exposed to high school mathematics.
We believe that this book provides comprehensive and insightful material; however,
it is not exhaustive nor an encyclopedia. The reason is the rapid development of au-
tonomous technologies and their acceptance by the general public, which provides
another development driver. Nevertheless, the book provides an excellent introduc-
tion and overview of the current state of the art technologies and insight into some
of the core technologies related to today’s autonomy and autonomou systems. We
hope this book will let you find new brilliant ideas in your professional life and see a
new hobby or even start an innovative business.
Note: Autonomous systems are there already; are you with us?


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