Construction automation and robotics for high-rise buildings over the past decades: A comprehensive review

TytułConstruction automation and robotics for high-rise buildings over the past decades: A comprehensive review
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2019
AutorzyCai S, Ma Z, Skibniewski MJ, Bao S
JournalAdvanced Engineering Informatics
Słowa kluczoweAutomation and robotics, Critical review, High-rise building construction, Market review, Scientometric review

Automation and robotics technology is expected to improve the productivity of the construction industry as well as to solve problems such as labor shortage and safety risks, especially for high-rise buildings. Substantial research efforts have been devoted to the field over the past decades, while the application rate at the construction sites is still limited. Although various reviews have summarized the research topics and future trends in this field, few research efforts have been made on a consideration of both academic research and practical application in the industry. Focusing on high-rise building construction, this study explores the development of both academic research and practical application of automation and robotics based on literature and market review. Scientometric and critical literature reviews were conducted to identify and analyze the development of key research areas based on academic publications from the 1980s to present. In the meantime, the development of basic technologies was summarized. The market review surveyed on existing products and developers of construction automation and robotics. By comparing the results of the literature review and market review, four development patterns of academic research and product application were identified, i.e., simultaneous development led by the same party, development at a similar pace with the two sides taking the lead in different aspects, academic research providing basic technologies for product development, and available technologies in academic research with no products found. Then three gaps in this field, i.e., the gap between academic research and products, the gap between products and application, and the gap between the construction industry and the robotics industry, were discussed with corresponding suggestions to narrow the gaps, followed by an outlook for future directions. This study contributes to the knowledge body by identifying and analyzing the key research areas and the development gaps systematically.


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