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Wang T-Y, Chen Z-S, He P, Govindan K, Skibniewski MJ.  2023.  Alliance strategy in an online retailing supply chain: Motivation, choice, and equilibrium. Omega (United Kingdom).
Chang J-P, Chen Z-S, Wang Z-J, Jin LS, Pedrycz W, Martinez L, Skibniewski MJ.  2023.  Assessing Spatial Synergy Between Integrated Urban Rail Transit System and Urban Form: A BULI-Based MCLSGA Model With the Wisdom of Crowds. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems. 31(2)
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Liu Y, Wang X, Chen Z-S, Zhang Y, Zhao S, Deveci M, Jin LS, Skibniewski MJ.  2023.  Evaluating Digital Health Services Quality via Social Media. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.
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Chen H, Li X, Feng Z, Wang L, Qin Y, Skibniewski MJ, Chen Z-S, Liu Y.  2023.  Shield attitude prediction based on Bayesian-LGBM machine learning. Information Sciences. 632