Evaluating Digital Health Services Quality via Social Media

TytułEvaluating Digital Health Services Quality via Social Media
Publication TypeJournal Article
Rok publikacji2023
AutorzyLiu Y, Wang X, Chen Z-S, Zhang Y, Zhao S, Deveci M, Jin LS, Skibniewski MJ
JournalIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Start Page1-13
Date Published07/2023
Słowa kluczoweBayes methods, Bayesian best and worst method, Cronbach, digital health, Electronic healthcare, hospital, Hospitals, Monitoring, Reliability, social media, Social networking (online), Technological innovation

Given the widespread demand for digital health services, a systematic study on the quality of digital health services is essential. Based on the current situation of tertiary hospitals in central China providing digital health services via social media, we used the Cronbach and Bayesian Best and Worst methods to evaluate the quality of hospital digital health services and conduct an empirical study of several hospitals. Based on the results of the empirical study, we propose a path for constructing a digital health service platform, suggesting that hospitals focus on building business function services of social media and accelerate the development of Internet hospitals. Hospitals should also improve the operation and maintenance of social media, optimize the intelligence of online guidance, and simplify the design logic of function menus. In terms of content information services, hospitals need to design targeted content according to the characteristics of different social media, improve content quality, and ensure the appropriate proportion of various types of information. With such measures, hospitals can guide users to use social media through business function services and retain users through content information services to increase the influence of hospitals and the quality of social health welfare.


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